Case Study

Private Residence, West Hartford, CT Private Residence

The main objective of this project was to restore the original windows to working condition while increasing energy efficiency.  Additionally, we had to epoxy repair some rotten wood as the weather had taken its toll over 100 years Thankfully, the old-growth wood limited the spread of the rot to the points of direct contact, saving this customer money and the homes’ historic integrity.  


Year Completed: 2004

3 Stories, 49 Windows Restored

West Hartford, Connecticut

Project Info

This homeowner purchased their home and saw an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency to reduce fuel consumption during the heating seasons.    Additionally, this home did not have central cooling, making the operation of all windows imperative for comfort.   The glass was replaced with Low-E, double-pane glass.  For all windows, the mechanics were upgraded and screens were installed on the lower portions.   

Client: Private Homeowner

Project Dates:  2004

Project Type: Residential

Architects: Homeowner 

Project Sustainability

  • 95% Material Repurposed
  • 28% Heating Fuel Cost Reduction
  • 79% Estimated First Year ROI

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