Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Our Process

What Can We Do?

We can convert virtually any kind of wood window: double-hung, casement (we weather strip them air tight also), picture, arch, odd shapes; you name it. We update old windows to modern technology.  However, they still look, and, in fact, are old (original). See the before and after illustrations below. We can also restore double- pane doors with tempered glass and weather-strip them airtight.

The simple fact is, once restored, your old windows (with their denser old growth wood) will outlast new wood windows, which are made of much less durable new growth wood. Many new quality wood windows carry only a 10 year limited warranty. Your old wood windows have already outlasted that by 10-15 times.

Since the windows will look the same from the exterior, at least stylistically, you do not need to worry about additional carpentry to fit the windows.  Also, we often work with folks on a long term renovation plan.  We might recommend you update the worst of the windows first, and work through the rest on an annual basis, or however your budget allows.  We don’t complicate things with funny financing programs, nor do we push you toward an unnecessary upgrade.  

Cost wise: Bi-Glass of Connecticut generally does cost more than low-end plastic/vinyl windows, but we’re typically 20-40% less than quality wood window replacements and some quality vinyl replacements.

Before Your Window Restoration with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Window Restorations of Connecticut, formerly Bi-Glass of Connecticut, specializes in the process of renovating existing wood windows to accept double-paned, low-e glass to restore the windows to modern efficiency expectations.  Existing single-pane windows are extremely inefficient when it comes to passive AND active energy loss during the warm and cold seasons.  As many know, when the wind howls, sitting by some of these old windows can be chilling, loud, and uncomfortable.  With loose glass, broken glass, shoddy storm windows, or rotten wood, or muntins, anywhere in the window, you may even feel the outside air inundating your structure.  Pictured here is an old window diagram, showing how little there is between the interior comfort and exterior elements.

After Your Window Restoration with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Our process of upgrading the window itself will immediately change how your home feels, yet will not change the historic look and sense about it.  We’ll replace your old glass panes with low-e insulated glass.  We’re able to fit that glass into the existing sash by using specialty tools and processes to route out to the exact depth necessary.   We fabricate custom wood stops to retain the new, double pane glass inserts.  Additionally, and one of the most important aesthetic aspects is the muntins, or the part that divides the glass.  The muntins are dividers of the windows which give you the unique look on every window.  We pre-fab the muntins in our shop based on samples taken during our estimate.  If necessary, we’ll have special blades ordered to ensure your exact look is matched to the original. 

Aside from the visuals and new glass, we also add new glazing tape, and warm edge seals.  The warm edge seal keeps your warm air in the building and keeps your windows from rattling in stormy winds.  


Tilt or Balance

Maintain Window Functionality

Whether for safety purposes, appreciation for the outdoors, historical value, necessity, or anything else, your renovated windows will be upgraded to work as well, and normally better, than originally installed.  Historically, windows were there to let passive heat enter in the winter, and create cross breezes in the summer to draw in the cooler air and vent the hot air.  Today, central heating and cooling decreases the need to have windows that open and close; however, everyone’s experienced a time when you try to open the window and it’s either painted or stuck closed.  Our window restoration process not only restores the sash itself, we restore and upgrade the functionality of the window with either hidden balances or tilt style conversions.  

The two main systems are pictured here.   In either case, our craftsmen remove the defunct window weight system and insulate the gap to increase efficiency.  Then square the opening and install the highest quality hardware to modernize your double hung window.   

      The tilt style option is less historically accurate; however, it’s often the desirable choice because it makes cleaning windows on an elevated story much safer and approachable from a DIY standpoint. 

      1.  Original, interior window grills restored
      2.  Original window sashes restored
      3.  Original wood trim restored
      4.  New, double-pane, Low-E Glass installed
      5.  New, high-quality tilt tracks installed
      6.  New weather stripping installed: top, middle, bottom, and both sides
      7.  New insulation installed in pockets

      Hidden Balance Option 

      The hidden balance option is truly a beautiful, historic restoration. 

      1. Original wooden window and trim retained
      2. Channel for balance system installed
      3. Double-pane Low-E Glass installed
      4. Invisible balance system installed in channel
      5. Clip attached to side of window frame (jamboard) and makes sash go up and down.

        Who We Are

        Your Choice for Residential, Commercial, Educational, and Religious building window restorations.  

        Window Restorations of Connecticut, formerly Bi-Glass of Connecticut, was started in 1994.  Dick Fritzer saw an episode of This Old House which featured the process of restoring old-growth wooden windows using a trademarked tool which makes the transformation and preservation cost effective and efficient.  With a few calls, our local franchise opened and we began servicing clients within 100 miles of our office and shop.  We’ve expanded to be able to take on large scale jobs while maintaining our attention to detail as provided on a single window preservation in one of our local historic districts.  Our goal was, and still is, to provide window restoration services with results that far exceed any replacement, and all at competitive pricing.  We hope you’ll have questions for us.

        Let’s Start with a Conversation

        We’ve been in the restoration business for decades.  Relationships start with an up front conversation about our process and capacity to service your needs.  Contact us to learn more.
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