Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Don’t Replace… Restore Those Windows!!! – with Window Restorations of Connecticut

Original Windows Restored

Window Restorations of Connecticut  

Looking to replace your old, inefficient windows?  Stop thinking about replacements because we can restore those windows.

Window Restorations of Connecticut, formerly Bi-Glass of Connecticut, is the only option when your first choice would be to keep your original wood windows.  Our patented tools are the only available in the region and we we’ve carved out a unique niche as the company for window and door restorations.  If your design goal is to bring your historic wooden windows into the 21st century with easy, finger light operation while meeting modern energy efficiency standards, you’ve come to the right place.  

Established in 1994, our mission is to provide restoration and preservation services otherwise lost in a simple replacement. 

Save Money & Restore Your Windows

We’re one of a few shops in the entire country capable of restoring your old-growth wooden windows to modern, energy-efficienct double-paned windows.  When you want your windows restored because the modern replacements are too cheap, or far too expensive, Window Restorations of Connecticut is the only choice.  We’ll repair any window, no matter how ornate the design or glass.

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Restore Vs. Replace

Interior Spaces & Home Value

A beautiful house or building presents from all angles and approaches.   Windows are the focal point to many homes, both from the street and from the kitchen table.  Historic wooden windows are increasingly rare, which means the value increases.  Not only do restored windows bring you value when it’s time to list, glass pane replacement yields instant savings by way of energy efficiency.  Reduce drafts and open the heavy drapes on sunny days, and also keep that heat from escaping throughout the night.  These subtle changes create a modern feel while maintaining the historic charm.

Commercial Property

With large commercial projects we adapt to your working schedule to assure your workflow goes undisturbed.  Whether a Town Hall, Courthouse, apartment building, or other, Window Restorations of Connecticut wants to Restore Those Windows.  We work with you, your architects and contractors from the start through completion.


Are you remodeling in a historic district?  Are you looking to increase energy efficiency?  Window Restorations Of Connecticut, formerly Bi-Glass of Connecticut, is the only choice if you’re looking to restore your windows while maintaining the historic value.  Find out why preserving your windows is often the most cost-effective solution.

Institution Restoration

The beauty of a historic sanctuary with stained glass doesn’t mean your congregation should be donating conditioned air to the outside.  Often thought to be an unavoidable expense, Window Restorations of Connecticut has a storied history throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island working with private institutions to modernize their buildings.  Our portfolio speaks for itself.

About: Window Restorations of Connecticut

Window Restorations of Connecticut was founded as Bi-Glass of Connecticut, Inc. in 1994.  Dick Fritzer saw an episode of This Old House which featured the process of restoring old-growth wooden windows using a trademarked tool to make the transformation and preservation cost effective and efficient.  With a few calls, our local franchise opened and we began servicing clients within 100 miles of our office and shop.  We soon expanded from residential into the commercial space, all while maintaining the same attention to detail customers have come to expect in one of our local historic districts.  As Dick and his wife neared retirement, they sought a trusted partner to hand over the reigns.  With Jim Meehan, they found exactly that.  Dick was able to help guide us through the entire transition and even continued meeting with clients he had previous relationships with to ensure a smooth transition.  Since Jim took over the company in 2019, very little has changed aside from a modernized estimate process and a few additions to the team to accommodate our growing customer base.  Looking ahead, we’re adding to our name to better represent what we can do for customers.  While CT Bi-Glass will always be part of us, Window Restorations of Connecticut best describes our place in the building and restoration space.

Recent Projects

E70th NYC Brownstone (circa 1863)

New York, NY

Challenge: The oldest surviving house in the Upper East Side Historic District. Retain original look of the front windows. Required Landmark approval.

Result: 10 original arch top double-hung windows restored, epoxy consolidated, re-fit, weather stripped and double pane Low-E glass installed. Original windows now operate and are as energy efficient as new in kind windows at about 50% of the cost.

Cottage Style Stucco Brick Residence (circa 1906)

West Hartford, CT

Challenge: Retain the original windows and achieve energy efficiency and proper operation of windows.

Result: All casement and double hung windows restored and double-pane Low-E glass installed. 28% savings in fuel oil used each year. Half screens installed.

Private residence (circa 1895)

New Rochelle, NY

Challenge: To maintain the character and integrity of the original wood windows at a competitive price.  Wood was centuries old, old-growth stock, making for tight tolerances

Result: All single-pane deteriorated original windows repaired with epoxy consolidation techniques. Windows converted to double-pane glass, insulated and weather stripped.   Energy Efficiency parallels any [Brand Name] replacement, and cost was less than any quote customer received for replacments.

Yale University Campus

Stoeckel Hall (circa 1897)

New Haven, CT

Challenge: The only example of Venetian style windows in New Haven County. Yale wanted to restore exterior of building and retain original windows.

Result: Original double-hung and casement windows restored, epoxy consolidated and converted to double-pane Low-E (Cardinal 272) glass.

“Building attained LEED Gold Certification.”


Your craftsmanship, upfront explanations on the the best methods to handle the windows and your ability to come in and get things done were really great. We enjoyed the process of working with you to complete this restoration and hope we can do more work together in the future.

Rich Adamski and Sean O'Kane

Architects, SOK AIA - Ridgefield, CT

Our windows are over 100 years old. Several had not been operated in years; now they operate very easily and even the very large windows open and close with ease.  The tilt feature is a bonus that we did not think was possible because of the size and weight factor. We are located near a busy State Highway and school, the noise level from the outside has been reduced to almost nothing, and the energy cost savings are exceptional.

Peter Petrino

Director CAHI Manager, Vintage Home Inspections, LLC

Meticulus –– Superb –– Outstanding!
You did what you said — when you said — and as good or better than you said you would. Your crew — Tom and Matt are — TOP NOTCH!! Super Guys. Did the job as if they were working on their own homes! Neat — Professional — Pleasant — Polite — Efficient.

Albert & Mary

Homeowners, Connecticut

Our Clients